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Bulk Scanning

Bulk scan a lifetime of memories at Snappy Snaps

Thanks to the popularity of smartphones and iphones, we take countless pictures over the course of a lifetime, most of which we never print. In addition to this, most people have shoeboxes full of old prints and slides of weddings, anniversaries, graduations and family members tucked away somewhere out of sight.

Such images filled with memories of family and special occasions, with friends and loved ones, can be easily destroyed if not stored properly so bring them to your nearest Snappy Snaps store and let us bulk scan them into digital files for you.

Snappy Snaps also offer a photo restoration, retouching, and photo colourisation service; we can eliminate tears, scratches, water damage and unsightly marks usually associated with old photos.

We can also transfer old home movies to DVD, ensuring your images and movies are preserved for the next generation.

If you have many old prints and slides stored in cupboards and boxes around the house, visit a Snappy Snaps store and speak to one of our photo advisors who can help you preserve your memories with our bulk scanning service.