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Bring your memories back to life with a touch of colour

Black and white photographs are classic but sometimes there's nothing better than having photos in vibrant colour and at Snappy Snaps, we can add colour in subtle and sympathetic ways so you would never know the photograph didn't have colour in the first place.


We use the most up to date technology and highly skilled technicians to change photos of priceless moments in black and white to full colour. It doesn't matter if your photo is torn or damaged, Snappy Snaps can restore and colourise any photo, no matter how damaged it is.


At Snappy Snaps, we pride ourselves in offering a personalised service so we add colour according to your instructions; hair colour, eye colour and skin tones are done to match the people as they are in real life. We also add colour subtly and sympathetically to match the time period the picture was taken, resulting in a stunning colour visual transformation.