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Expert photo retouching, on your local high street

At Snappy Snaps, we pride ourselves in printing the best quality photographs and, we equally ensure you look you best in your photograph, which is why we offer an excellent digital photo retouching and colour correction service.

Retouch experts

With over nearly 30 years' experience in the photo industry, we can eliminate unwanted objects, people and backgrounds from photographs using the latest digital technology.

So if you have fantastic photographs of weddings, birthdays and holidays that are being ruined by one person who has their eyes closed, a tree sticking out or someone you don't know in the background; Snappy Snaps can correct these and make your photograph perfect with our image retouching service.



We can also produce enlargements such as posters, collages and canvases from your retouched photos which can be framed and displayed around your home.

Whatever your retouch requirements, pop into your local Snappy Snaps store with your negatives, slides and existing photographs and let our photo advisors help you get a photograph you can proudly display for years to come.

At Snappy Snaps, our image retouching service is not just about eliminating wrinkles and unwanted marks; our photo experts can also create beautiful works of art.

For example a photo of your wedding day can be cut out and placed on a photo of the beautiful, scenic beach where you enjoyed your honeymoon. Our in house graphic designers can also add other backgrounds and any special texts you want.